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Please remind students that they can now fill out their SEOIs

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SEOI’s are Right Around the Corner

The end of the quarter is coming soon, which means it is time to remind your students to fill out their SEOI’s, the anonymous student evaluations of instruction.

Below are the top four reasons why students should complete their SEOI’s: 

Support: When you fill out your SEOI’s, you’re not only supporting your professors, you’re also supporting the fact that you have a voice. Let it be heard wildcats!

Establish: By taking the time to effectively evaluate your professors, you are establishing skills that will last for a lifetime, and translate to all areas of your life. Whether its work, your life, a team, or any other social situation, the ability to provide constructive criticism is invaluable.

Optimize: A professor’s chance for success is optimized when provided advice for growth. In turn, when a professor can effectively and successfully lead students, those students are also reaching maximum potentials for improvement.

Incoming Students: By filling out your SEOI’s, you have the power to improve the courses you took for future college students. Over time, the selfless act of evaluating your courses will continue to build year after year, bettering your professors and classes even after you’ve graduated. 

Whether you’re a professor looking to give your students some extra credit, or a student who has had really great instructors this quarter, SEOI’s are an important thing to remember!





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