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Seeking 2nd-6th Graders and their Parents for the FREE weekly Math Circle program starting Jan 30.

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Seeking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students AND THEIR PARENTS for the FREE weekly Math Circle program.

Winter quarter sessions will happen every Tuesday, Jan 30 - Feb 27 at the Central University Science II Building.  Come play games, learn some new problem-solving tools, and find friends who also love math!

Don't forget to register online by Jan 29th,

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The Kittitas Valley Math Circle (KVMC) provides free weekly activities for 2nd through 6th-grade students to explore mathematics. During the one-hour Math Circle sessions, the students work with one another to solve mathematical puzzles and play mathematical games. Through these activities, the students learn about advanced mathematical topics, enjoy the companionship of other young students who enjoy math and grow under the guidance of undergraduate mentors.  Having fun activities led by this diverse group of undergraduate students paint a picture for these young elementary and middle school students that reinforces that anyone can be great at mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

**Parents and guardians sessions will be held 1/30 and 2/6.**  The Math Circle also provides a quarterly opportunity for parents and guardians of these students to learn more about the national Common Core of mathematics and other curriculum changes currently happening at local K-12 schools. This quarterly gathering is a supportive forum organized by Central professors Shiver and Rogan-Klyve that also includes tips about the mathematical games the students will be exploring. The goal is to provide more opportunities for families to learn more about their students’ current classroom experience and to engage in mathematical exploration as a family once the students go home.

The Kittitas Valley Math Circle is one of more than 180 different Math Circle programs in the country. These programs represent a national movement to bring together community members to have fun doing math. The key aspect of all these national programs is the opportunity to combine significant mathematical content with a setting that encourages a sense of discovery and excitement about mathematics through problem-solving and interactive exploration.  More than one students and their parents/ guardians participated in the Math Circle program over the last two years.  The 2017-2018 program will build off this success as the Math Circle continues to grow in this next year.

Apply to the Kittitas Valley Math Circle today and join us.  If you can't make it to this block then check out our other sessions this year: Spring (Apr 24- May 22).

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Kittitas Valley Math Circle is a program of the Central Washington Center for Excellence in Science & Mathematics Education  (Phone: 509-963-2135, email: ).  B. Wiegers is directing the KVMC program with instructor D. Klyve.  In addition, the Math Circle Parent sessions are taught by Central faculty members J.  Shiver and A. Rogan-Klyve.





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