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Campus Notices

Sabbatical Leave 2013-2014

Dear Campus Community,
At the February 1, 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, the following Sabbatical Leaves were approved for the 2013-14 academic year.  Please join me in congratulating our Central Washington University Faculty and wishing them a successful and productive Sabbatical leave.

Avey, James, Assoc. Professor, Management, Fall 2013
Bender, William, Professor, Engineering Technologies, Safety & Construction, Winter 2014
Fassett, Jon, Assoc. Professor, Mathematics, AY 2013-14
Gann, Cory, Professor, Teaching Elementary, Adolescent & Young Children, Fall 2013
Hennessy, Judith, Assoc. Professor, Sociology, AY 2013-14
Hickey, Robert, Professor, Geography, AY 2013-14
Hogan, Gerard, Professor, Library, AY 2013-14
Jackson, Michael, Professor, Physics, AY 2013-14
Kasselis, Nathalie, Professor, World Languages, AY 2013-14
Lillquist, Karl, Professor, Geograpy, AY 2013-14
Norris, Lisa, Assoc. Professor, English, AY 2013-14
Petersen, Naomi Jeffery, Assoc. Professor, Educational Foundations & Curriculum, AY 2013-14
Pinkart, Holly, Professor, Biological Sciences, AY 2013-14
Poulson, Mary, Professor, Biological Sciences, AY 2013-14
Rieffer-Flanagan, Barbara, Assoc. Professor, Political Science, Winter 2014 & Spring 2014
Thomas, Carin, Professor, Chemistry, AY 2013-14

Marilyn A. Levine
Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life

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