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Campus Notices

Sabbatical 2014-15

Dear Campus Community,
At the February 7, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting, the following Sabbatical Leaves were approved for the 2014-15 academic year.  Please join me in congratulating our Central Washington University Faculty and wishing them a successful and productive Sabbatical leave.

Boersma, Stuart, Professor, Mathematics, AY 2014-15
Brooks, Joseph, Professor, Music, Spring 2015
Chueh, Yvonne, Professor, Mathematics, AY 2014-15
Coe, Cynthia, Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies, AY 2014-15
Gabriel, Anthony, Professor, Geography, AY 2014-15
Huerta, Audrey, Asst. Professor, Geological Sciences, AY 2014-15
James, Paul, Professor, Biological Sciences, AY 2014-15
Lea, YiShan, Assoc. Professor, LLSE, AY 2014-15
Lefkowitz, Natalie, Professor, World Languages, AY 2014-15
Li, Charles, Professor, English, AY 2014-15
Liao, Kun, Assoc. Professor, Finance & SCM, AY 2014-15
Mattinson, Christopher, Asst. Professor, Geological Sciences, AY 2014-15
Revels, Craig, Asst. Professor, Geography, AY 2014-15
Stryker, Gabrielle, Assoc. Professor, Biological Sciences, AY 2014-15

Marilyn A. Levine
Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life

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