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Reminder: externally-funded grants & contracts require internal approvals

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Fri, 03/29/2019

This is a friendly reminder from Research and Sponsored Programs. There is a two step approval process for any externally-funded grants or contracts: (1) pre-submission, and (2) at the time of award notification.

If you plan to apply for external funding (either a grant or a contract), you must first obtain pre-approval at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.  (However, we strongly encourage you to contact us much earlier in the planning process to ensure the development of a competitive proposal or contract.)  For more information regarding the pre-approval form click here.  This form provides institutional review and approval for all funding requests submitted to external agencies, regardless of funding source or submission method.  Internal review and approval are necessary because the university is the official party identified in the grant or contract, and a grant or contract imposes legal and administrative responsibilities on the university. 

The second approval relates to the acceptance of a grant or contract, which must go through our office and usually requires the signature of the university’s authorized representative (Kevin Archer).  If notification of an award is sent directly to you from a funding agency, it is essential for you to forward the award notice to us because our office must review and approve the acceptance of the award before it is forwarded to the Grant/Contract Accounting Office (Heather Harrell). 

If you have any questions related to externally-funded grants or contracts, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ruth Jeffries
Director, Research and Sponsored Programs | (509) 963-2640

Leslie (Lotspeich) Hunter
Grant and Contract Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs | (509) 963-3111






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