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Register to Vote!!

Monday, October 7 was the last day to register to vote online or via mail.  However, new registrants like brand new 18 year olds, people who have never voted before, or people who have just moved from out of state, can register to vote in person until Monday, October 28 if they want to vote in the November elections.

For purposes of voting, you are considered a resident if you have been living in the state 30 days before the election.

To register you will need to print out the form, fill it out, and take it to the Kittitas County Courthouse, 1st floor, Auditor's Office.  You can print an updated voter registration form at:

If you want to continue to vote in your home county or home state,you can still do so via absentee ballot.  You will need to contact your home county/home state and make a change of address to where you are living now.

Voter Registration for the 50 States

You can find general voter information for Washington State at:





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