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Recent Fire Inspection Summary

In cooperation with the Facilities Management Department (FMD) and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), the Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue (KVFR) Fire Marshal recently completed a comprehensive fire inspection of all academic and administrative buildings as well as the SURC.  The majority of violations were relatively minor and easily corrected.  The Fire Marshal continues to see steady improvement in fire safety throughout the campus and appreciates the cooperation by faculty, staff and students in ensuring a safe campus environment.  As always, there is still room for improvement. 

Following are a few of the more common violations found by the inspection:
• Improper use of extension cords (using extension cords for permanent situations).
• Daisy chaining of power bars/surge protectors (plugging one power bar into another).
• Not maintaining clear building exitways.
• General housekeeping issues (not keeping all areas clean/organized with minimal accumulation of flammable material).
• Propping or wedging fire doors open (fire doors typically open into main hallways or exitways and, should a fire occur, prevent fire and smoke from spreading into other areas of a building).

FMD is working on correcting minor building-related issues and EHS is in the process of distributing inspection results to the campus and will work with affected departments to resolve their issues.  Please feel free to contact EHS at 2252 if you have questions.

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