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Realignment Data for Reallocation Work Sessions

The recent Provost’s Reflection raised the issue of strategic planning and an upcoming realignment analysis. Attached is the Excel Workbook containing the data on the Analysis of FTES, FTEF, Headcount, Degrees Awarded, and Qualitative Information by Department.

This data will be used by CWU employees in work sessions to inform Provost Levine as she continues her faculty realignment process. At the work sessions, attendees will be given data sets upon which to provide written comments. Provost Council and Department Chairs have been advised of this process and can share this process with their units/departments.

The Excel Workbook contains 18 worksheets. The first worksheet contains general information (e.g., definitions, data sources, etc). The second worksheet contains the qualitative information provided by the academic deans for their academic departments. Both of these worksheets have blue-colored tabs.

Following these two worksheets is data on FTES, FTEF, Headcount, and Degrees Awarded. The final worksheet, labeled “Department Graphs” is simply a visual representation of headcount and degrees awarded by department.

Two worksheets, labeled “FTES All Categories by College” and “Majors, Minors, and Grad by College” have yellow-colored tabs. I recommend NOT printing these sheets as they will cover multiple pieces of papers. Instead the non-colored tab sheets contain breakdowns of these two major worksheets that might be easier to interpret and are easier to print.

With the exception of the yellow-colored tab sheets and the “Department Graphs,” all other worksheets are set to print landscape on one piece of legal (11 x 14) sized paper.

Two CWU public work sessions have been scheduled:
1. Friday, April 26, 4-5 p.m. In Hebeler 116
2. Tuesday, April 30, 4-5 p.m. in SURC 301

Work Sessions for ADCO and Faculty Senate are being coordinated by the respective group. ADCO members should work with Mike Jackson and FS members should work with Melody Madlem.

NOTE: Participants may only participate in ONE session. For example, if a department chair attends the ADCO Work Session, he/she may not participate in the Faculty Senate or Open Work Sessions.

Lori Braunstein, Director of Academic Planning

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