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Proposal for CWU Food Systems Cooperative Project

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Auxiliary Operations proposes the creation of a CWU Food Systems Cooperative (CFSC), to address the contributions of related departments to environmental degradation and social injustice. Auxiliary Operations moves to be accountable to the sustainability of its departments and is committed to being a leader in sustainable action on campus. The CFSC is comprised of Dining Services and Catering, a campus compost project, and a farm/garden project. The CFSC will work closely with existing departments and organizations on campus towards a common goal of fostering a community around an environmentally and socially responsible food system. The CFSC statement of purpose is as follows:

Food intersects with all areas of sustainability—environment, society and culture, and economics. It puts vitality into our communities. It is how we connect socially, in ritual, and across cultures. Our campus is a community within itself and as a part of the larger Ellensburg-Central Washington community. The social and ecological implications of our food systems are fundamental to maintaining healthy communities and fostering a successful campus.

We are seeking approval from the Enterprise Facilities Committee at their March 19th meeting. For more information regarding the CFSC project, please contact Kate Doughty at

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