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Campus Notices

Policies and Procedures Updated, Passed or Deleted at UPAC May 1, 2013



CWUP 2-20-020 Bulletin (Catalog) Distribution
CWUP 8-30-010 SAEM Committees
CWUP 8-30-020 University Standing Committee
CWUR 3-20-112 Acquisition of Hardware and Software
CWUR 3-20-113 Computer Labs/Tech Fee/Schedules
CWUR 3-20-114 Computer Operations Responsibility (Part 1 & 2)
CWUR 3-20-115 Computer Software Training
CWUR 3-20-117 Obtain Training on the Use of Various Software Packages
CWUR 3-20-119 Ordering of New Computer Equipment According to University Standards and Specifications
CWUR 3-20-120 Procedures to Obtain End User Computer Support/Help Desk
CWUR 3-20-121 Purchase of Telephone Equipment/Service and Repairs/Cell Phones/SCAN/Long Distance/Authorization Codes
CWUR 3-10-400 Signature Authority
CWUR 3-10-500 Wildcat Shop
CWUR 3-40-300 Delegation Authority for Public Works Contracting
CWUR 3-40-310 Energy Conservation
CWUR 1-55-010 Ombudsperson
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