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Policies and Procedures Approved at UPAC on June 17

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Thu, 06/25/2020

The following policies and procedures were approved at the University Policy Advisory Committee on June 17, 2020. 

CWUR 2-90-050 Graduation Requirements for Bachelor’s Degrees

CWUR 2-130-020 Admissions Procedure

CWUP 5-50-090 Certificate Programs

CWUP 5-90-010 Academic Policy

CWUP 5-130-010 Definitions

CWUP 5-130-020 Admission

CWUP 5-130-030 Funding

CWUP 5-130-040 Transfer Credit

CWUP 5-130-050 Graduate Faculty and Council

CWUP 5-130-060 Graduation Requirements for Graduate Degrees

CWUP 5-130-070 Research Policy

CWUP 2-35-075 Behaviors of Concern

CWUP 2-60(3) President’s Budget Advisory Committee

CWUP 2-30-200 and CWUR 3-40-140 Recruitment, Retention, and Hiring

Please contact the Office of the President with any questions. 








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