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Passwords: Outdated and unsecure!

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The password standards of yesterday that were short but required symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters are no longer considered to be a secure standard. Passphrases are the next step in securing your account. A passphrase is a long string of characters like a sentence that is much easier to remember. A few examples of this are:

  • Wheredidmy2toastersgo?!
  • Sp0okyscaryskeletons.1
  • !Thebestfood4meisfreepizza

These simple sentences are much easier to remember and their length helps to protect your account from password guessing attacks because they are so difficult to crack. You can also increase the length and mixing of numbers and symbols to make them more secure.

If you have trouble remembering all your passphrases it might be a good idea to get a password manager which is a great place to store all your passwords and protect them with a strong master password. Some tools that do this include:





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