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October is "Bonus Bucks" month

The CWU Connection Card is once again offering Bonus Bucks!  Every quarter the Connection Card Office and Dining Services come together to offer this fantastic opportunity. During the month of October, students and staff can come into the connection card office and add money to their Freedom Meal plan and receive an extra bonus percentage.

For instance, if you put  $200 on your Freedom Meal Plan, you will receive and extra 10%. That is like getting $20 for FREE! If you don’t have a residential meal plan, but still want to eat on campus, you can always add money to a Freedom Meal plan. This plan is available to anyone, student, staff or faculty.

$1 - $199       5% Bonus
$200 - $399   10% Bonus
$400 and up   15% Bonus

The Connection Card Office is located in SURC 131. For questions please call 963-2711.

*Bonus bucks must be spent within Dining Services and the actual bonus bucks are not refundable.

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