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Not Receiving Email from your Vendor? The reason might surprise you!!!

Have you ever thought that CWU must be the only place impacted by phishing emails, scams, virus infected emails, etc.  Think again.   CWU was recently contacted by a company called MICROLAB that provides technical equipment to Chemistry Departments & Labs.  Seems none of their emails to CWU (or many other of their customers) were getting delivered.  

So what was the problem?   Seems that last month they were infected by a FedEx Email Scam/Virus, they were then used to sent thousands (or more) spam emails.  That got their email domain listed on an Email Blacklist.   None of their email was being delivered.  We've assisted them in getting off the email blacklist (which we any many others subscribe to).   They then told us that if we tried to email them, it might take several days before our email was delivered because every computer in their company had been infected with the FedEx Virus ... and they were "shutdown" for several days until the computers were all "cleaned".  

We know that having to set Spam Filters in PreciseMail (our Spam Gateway) can seem like a chore, and we know that having email blocked occasionally can be frustrating ... but minimizing the spam that comes on campus and stopping viruses before they reach our network is critical to the security of our computing infrastructure.  Since around 2004, the number of viruses that have reached CWU computers has been literally non-existent due to centralized spam control and virus protection.  A big thanks to members of the ITS team who do everything they can to "hold that line". 

DID YOU KNOW that nearly 80% of all the email headed to CWU never makes it to our network, because it is from know "Spam Centers" and we block it.

DID YOU KNOW that CWU has a robust Spam Filter called PreciseMail.  ITS sets the tolerances for what makes it though, but you can tailor PreciseMail to your own preferences (and set ALLOW and BLOCK lists).  It's easy!!  Contact the ITS HelpDesk for more information or go to the SPAM GATEWAY in the Wildcat Connection. 


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