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Nominate staff for Employee of the Month!

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As we gear up for the 2018-19 academic year, don't forget to recognize the amazing work being done by classified staff members! One way to do that is to nominate staff for the Employee of the Month award. Beyond being a point of pride, this recognition comes with a monetary prize and makes the winner eligible for the Employee of the Year award at the annual employee recognition event. 

Nominations can come from anyone, not just supervisors! (See full eligibility guidelines below)

The nomination form can be found on the Employee Council website. Any nominations that are less than a year old will be considered (if you nominated someone in the last academic year and that person did not win, their nomination will still be under consideration until one year has passed). 

Eligibility for this Award:

• Civil service staff, faculty, administrative exempt staff, students, and the surrounding community to CWU may nominate any civil service employee.
• This award is available only to a permanent civil service staff member with a minimum of two years of service, who has not been an Employee of the Month recipient in the 24 months preceding the current selection period.
• Each person who wishes to nominate an award recipient must submit his or her own nomination. Group forms (i.e., one person fills out the form and several people sign it) will be counted as one nomination.
• Only individuals may be nominated–not groups of employees.
• Individuals who have received the Employee of the Year award are ineligible for Employee of the Month awards for 5 years following their Employee of the Year award.

Questions? Contact Employee Council at






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