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New Directions In HR

   New Directions in Equal Opportunity
   Memo from Gail Farmer
HR  has been on a roll these past few months realigning and revitalizing some critical processes and functions. After a national search failed to result in a hire, HR leadership decided to go local. In early fall a competitive internal search resulted in a groundbreaking and creative solution. Two positions were made possible through collaboration and partnerships between HR, the President’s Inclusivity Coordinator, and the Dean of Student Success. I was selected to be the Administrator Equal Opportunity and Professional Development and Veronica Gomez-Vilchis was chosen to fill the Program Specialist position. I have worked in the student affairs, student success and student health arena as Director of Wellness since 1999. Veronica is an alumni of CWU, graduated in 2002 and has been a CWU employee in various capacities since 2003. Most recently, Veronica was assisting HR in the training, professional development and recruitment areas.
We are excited to continue the excellent work of our predecessors in HR training & development and also to capitalize on the work Staci Sleigh Layman has laid down for us in equal opportunity.  If you have any questions about equal opportunity, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, complaint investigation and dispute resolution, please don’t hesitate to contact Gail Farmer @ 963-2206 ( Contact Veronica @ 963-2205 ( if you have questions about the new Wildcat Connection self-service feature for Professional Development. If you’d like to contact Staci Sleigh-Layman, HR Director at Large, she can be reached at 963-1256,
Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future. Soon, I’ll be contacting some key folks to conduct surveys and focus groups regarding professional development needs and interests.
I am excited about my new position, my new colleagues, and our new vision! I look forward to working with members of the campus community in the future!

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