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Multimodal Presents: How To Make Online Discussion Assignments Manageable & Meaningful For Students & Faculty

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Event Date: 
Thu, 04/18/2019
Event Time: 
10 AM
Event Location: 
Samuelson 124

Multimodal will host a webinar presentation on How To Make Online Discussion Assignments  Manageable & Meaningful For Students & Faculty


Please join us as we participate in the Webinar and then hold a short conversation on Online Discussions. See below for more information about the webinar, presented by Innovative Educatin.

Online discussions are both a promise and a peril for teaching and learning in online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. Discussions offer great potential for student-student interaction and collaboration as well as for student and instructor engagement. But, discussions can also easily overwhelm both students and teachers with seemingly endless unread posts to read, reply to, and assess. This updated presentation will focus on the best practices I've discovered over 20 years of online teaching and coaching other online teachers. Participants will learn how to design and implement online discussion assignments that foster engagement and learning while being meaningful and sustainable for both students and faculty. This presentation will highlight the role online discussions can have in promoting Active Learning in online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes.

·     Learn why discussions are such a fundamental aspect of online teaching and learning and how online discussions can add meaningful teaching and learning opportunities to hybrid and face-to-face classes
·     Consider that in most learning management systems, discussion is a tool and not an activity
·     Differentiate between open discussion and assignments that utilize the discussion tool
·     Discover and discuss various models for open discussion and other assignments using the discussion tool
·     Analyze the varying purposes for online discussion assignments and the student/faculty roles and responsibilities associated with these purposes
·     Analyze the faculty/student workloads associated with various discussion assignments
·     Discover strategies for making discussion assignments manageable for students and faculty
·     Learn how to develop grading rubrics for various discussion assignments
·     Consider the types of feedback that are relevant to various discussion assignments
·     Discover ways of making feedback meaningful and efficient







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