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Interim AVP Information Technology / Chief Information Officer (CIO)

In order to provide support and leadership for the information technology staff, I have contracted with CedarCrestone (CCI) to provide Central with an interim Assistant Vice President for Information Services / Chief Information Officer (CIO).  I am pleased to announce that Gene Shoda will be filling that position.  Gene has worked with Central for several years in various capacities and on various projects as a CCI consultant.  Currently he is the CCI Project Manager for the iCAT project.  As we continue to make the transition of our information systems under the iCAT project as well as looking forward to the sustainability of our information structure, Gene brings to the position immediate knowledge of Central and our information structure and staff along with eighteen years of experience in information technology.  I anticipate we will begin recruiting to fill the position permanently mid 2014. 

Gene will assume his new role on October 14.  Joining the CCI consulting team as the new iCAT Project Manager will be Kyle Corley.  Please join me in welcoming Gene to his new role at Central as well as welcoming Kyle to the iCAT team.

Sherer Holter
Chief of Staff

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