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iCat Project Update - On line Purchase Requisitions

The iCAT Online Purchase Requisition project started April 1, 2013.  We just completed the "plan and discover" project phase.  During that phase we established project processes and developed communication plans to assist with change management.  We have embarked on phase 2 of the project called "analyze and design".  Fit-gap sessions started which is where we examine the current existing business processes and functionality and compare them with the delivered system and identify if there are any gaps.  If there are any gaps, then we determine how best to resolve those "gaps".  Next we will begin setting up a prototype system.  A focus group (made up of people who currently use requisitions) will be contacted in the next couple of weeks to gather their feedback on how they currently use requisitions and their requirements.  If you have any questions about this iCAT project, please contact Tina Short (

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