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Campus Notices

How to Add Attachments or Images

Step 1: Create some text that you would like to link to the attachment.

Step 2: Select the text and click the 'Link' button (or 'Image' button).


Step 3: Click the 'Browse Server' button.


Step 4: Select the correct folder (images, documents, or videos) and click the 'Upload' button.


Step 5: Click the 'Browse' button.


Step 6: Select your file and click the 'Open' button.


Step 7: Click the 'Upload' button.


Step 8: You should see a brief confirmation message. You can then click the 'Insert file' button.


Last step: Click the green 'OK' button


These steps can also be followed to add an image. Just click the 'Image' button instead of the 'Link' button.

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