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HostReg for Wireless Access to CWU is History

ITS is pleased to announce that connecting wirelessly at CWU has just become much easier because the requirement to register wireless devices via "HostReg" has been discontinued (on both the Campus and Residential Network).   Starting this week, wireless devices (mobile, laptops, etc.) can connect to the CWU wireless network (wifi) simply by connecting to CWU-WPA and entering the user's Wildcat User Name and Wildcat Password.  

Previously, users had to register their devices on HostReg before they were authorized to use the wireless network.  This was an important security feature as it allowed activity on the network to be traced back to a device, not just to a user.   With the huge number of personally owned devices connecting to our wireless network, use of HostReg is no long feasible or required.   HostReg will still be required for CWU's wired network.

In related news: 

1) Plans are underway to launch improved guest wireless access by summer 2013.  If all goes according to the current plan, guests and visitors to CWU will be able to get access to CWU's wifi network by connecting to GUEST, entering their mobile phone number, and having guest credentials sent to them.  

2) Plans are underway to install wireless connectivity in many of the older Residence Halls at CWU.   If access can be gained, a pilot Residence Hall will be accomplished over Spring break, with most other halls completed over the summer. 



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