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Green Dot Bystander Training!

Over the past four years we've helped a number of students, faculty, and staff to recognize potentially high risk situations, and give them the tools to respond to those situations (with their safety in mind) to prevent violence from happening in our community. The personal stories and experiences shared in these training's is always a reminder of how we're all connected through our desire to live in a violence free world.

Here's what one participant said:
"Green Dot training isn't something that only 'special' people or leaders should do, it's something that EVERYONE needs to do. If nothing else, it brings awareness to a problem that so many people don't even think of. Because of Green Dot training, I have more tools in my arsenal to stop a red dot when I see one in the future!"

Our next training is schedule for Saturday, February 8th and we'd love to have as many students, faculty and staff there as possible.

To get a little more information about what exactly Green Dot is check out our video at We encourage you to get involved by signing up for the next training but also to spread the word to as many people as you can! Invite your friends to join us as well. Below is all the information for the next training and how to sign up!

When: Saturday, February 8th, 11-5:30pm
Where: Wellington Event Center
Who: Any CWU student, faculty, or staff
Cost: FREE!
Food: PIZZA!
Free stuff: OF COURSE!

To sign up NOW for Saturday’s training follow this link!

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