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Get academic credit and learn how to rock climb!

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*Please note that all the climbing classes are under "Physical Education" in the course catalog online. Not "PE".  Sorry for any confusion.  


PE 115 Beginning Climbing- Top Rope Certification (1 credit)

Looking for a new activity to try next quarter?  Beginning Climbing is the perfect opportunity to try indoor climbing and push yourself to new heights each week.  You will learn basic climbing technique as well as how to belay a partner on Top Rope.  Class activities include Top Rope climbing and Bouldering (Climbing below 15 ft without a rope).  You may take Beginning Climbing up to three times for credit.

Prerequisites: None! The first day of class could be your first time in a climbing wall.

Course Fee: $25


Thurs 3pm- 4:50 pm             

You will also be required to spend one additional hour of climbing during Open Hours each week outside of your scheduled hour.


PE 115 Beginning Climbing- Bouldering for Fitness (1 credit)

This class will explore total body conditioning through training for bouldering.  Practice and refresh fundamental techniques for efficient movement, training for climbing, and full body circuits targeting key muscle groups for climbing power endurance.  This course is designed for people interested in learning how to climb and gain a work out at the same time. No experience necessary.

Prerequisites: None! The first day of class could be your first time in a climbing wall.

Course Fee: $25


Tues/Thurs 8am-8:50am 

PE 116 Intermediate Climbing- Lead Climbing (1 credit)  *Only Winter Quarter*

This class is designed for those who are getting serious about the sport of climbing. In this class you will learn lead climbing skills, more advanced climbing techniques and other skills that will help you prepare to take your love of climbing outside.  You may take Intermediate Climbing up to three times for credit.  You may also register for the intermediate Climbing class through OPR if you do not wish to receive college credit.

Prerequisites: You must be Top Rope Belay certified and be comfortable climbing to the top of the 50 ft wall with no falls or breaks. 

If you meet these requirements and have not taken PE 115, you will need to get instructor permission to register for the class.  See contact information below.

Course Fee: $45

Wed 3 - 5 pm                     

For more information on registering for a climbing PE class, contact Melissa Robertson at

PE 118 Wall to Rock Climbing Class (BRAND NEW)
Spring Quarter
$95 students

Are you looking to take your indoor climbing skills to the next level?  This class will introduce you to outdoor rock climbing by ensuring your proficiency in an indoor setting over 5 weeks, and end with an outdoor climbing trip to utilize the skills learned! The class will focus on anchor systems, rappelling, lead climbing and belaying, and trip planning.  Climbing experience and a top rope belay certification are required for this class.  All equipment, transportation, and instruction is included.
Class will meet at the climbing wall on Wednesday at 3pm starting Spring Quarter. Outdoor Trip dates TBA





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