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Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation - Tonight !

The Center for Diversity and Social Justice is proud to present a one-night only showing of “Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation” featuring Q&A and Discussion with Director Chris Durant and Producer Esme Rodriguez..

April 3, 2013

SURC Theatre



Please join us as we watch a thought-provoking film chronicling six individuals on their journey towards negotiating their gender identities in a world/culture that is not accepting of gender variations. This film breaks through the gender stereotypes and historical gender ideologies to liberate our bodies, minds and spirits from our own social gender dysphoria.

The subject of gender is a taboo topic in many societies, yet fundamental to every aspect of all of our lives. Forget everything you think you know about gender and experience a GENDER EMANCIPATION!

The documentary will begin at 6:30PM on Wednesday, April  3, 2013 in the SURC Theatre. After the documentary concludes, please linger to participate in a Q&A discussion with director Chris Durant and Esme Rodriguez.

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