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Campus Notices

Friday Safety Tips - Keep yourself safe

1) Do not allow the opportunity for a crime to occur—avoid placing yourself in environments in which it’s easier for criminals to commit a personal crime.

2) Always keep your doors and windows locked.

3) If possible, let a friend or roommate know where and with whom you’ll be and when you’ll be back when you go out. Most important,  If you decide not to return to your dorm or room for the night, make sure to let the friend or roommate know.

4) Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable about someone near you on the street, in an elevator, or getting off a bus, head for a populated place or yell for help.

5) Use well-lit and busy sidewalks.

6) Avoid walking alone or walking near vacant lots, alleys, construction sites, or heavily treed areas.

7) Learn the locations of emergency phones on campus.

8) Carry a cell phone, whistle, or a personal alarm to alert people that you need help.

9) When you’re on a bus, sit as near the driver as possible.

10)Park in an area that will be well lit and heavily traveled when you return.

11) Lock your car doors and roll up the windows completely – even if you’re only parking for a moment. Do not leave valuables such as iPhones/iPads and GPS units in plain view.

12) If you choose to drink, drink legally and responsibly. Remember that your ability to respond to anything is diminished by consumption of alcohol.

13) Call the police immediately to report suspicious activity.

14) Never leave personal property – including book bags and laptops – unattended.

15) Put ICE (In Case of Emergency) in your cell phone, along with a name and telephone number of a loved one, to enable emergency services personnel to contact your family in the event of an emergency.

16) Listening to loud music or using your cell phone distracts you from being alert to potential safety issues. Unplug yourself and tune in to your immediate environment.

17) Utilize crosswalks at all times and obey the signals at intersections when walking. Under WA law, as a pedestrian, you DO have the right of way once you establish yourself  in the crosswalk. If you are crossing at any location other than a crosswalk, you MUST yield to vehicular traffic.  Don't assume a car sees you and just walk out into the crosswalk, even if the walking signal tells you to cross, always look first.

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