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Friday Safety Tip - Keeping your valuables safe

With bikes and electronics two of the most common things reported as thefts on campus remember you can register your bike with University Police.  The registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. It can be found at

Out of all the bikes found on campus in late June, after all the students had moved, only one was registered with CWU PD and was able to be returned to its owner.  Once you register your bike we will give you a CWU Bicycle Sticker with an bicycle registration number to place on your bike.

It recommended that you engrave your Driver's license on your bike if no serial number can be located for your bike registration form.  Your WA state DL number is a unique number and known by law enforcement when identifying items.  You simply need to engrave your Driver's License number on your bike starting with : WADL (and then you DL number). If you have an out of state license, just list in the abbreviated form (California: CADL) and then your driver's license number.

For electronics, make sure you have listed the serial number, model number, item description on an inventory form. Make sure to update the form as necessary and keep it a safe place.

As always, a  reminder that locking your valuables is, most of the time, an easy deterrent to those who wish to take them.  Even if you are just going to be a minute meeting someone in the hall, a classroom,  or running into the store:  lock your car, lock your bike and lock your dorm room door.  A simple step and highly effective.


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