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Friday Safety Tip

This is the last week of school for the kids in our county.  During the summertime when the kids are out of school they travel more in the family car on vacations, or going to and from activities. They also spend more play time outside.

As we enter the summer months in the beautiful Kittitas Valley drivers should take precautions even more.  Drivers should take special safeguards when they have child passengers to make sure they are properly restrained in car seats and/or booster seats. Drivers should also remember that kids are outside when the weather is nice and take precautions when driving in areas where kids might be at play, even in the evening hours.

With school out for the summer there will still be kids playing on the playgrounds at the schools. Youngsters can run into roadways unexpectedly, also from between parked cars, while chasing a ball, a pet or playing with a friend.  Precautions include driving slowly in residential areas, school areas, and near playgrounds and being alert for kids who appear suddenly on roadways, sidewalks, or in parking lots.

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