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Friday Safety Tip

With this week's rainy weather here in Ellensburg we need to remember that driving in rain carries the same precautions as our winter weather does.

First and foremost: slow down! It takes longer to stop or adjust in rainy weather.  Maintain proper following distance (3 Second Rule). This needs to be increased in wet weather.

Don't follow large trucks or busses too closely. The spray created by their large tires quickly reduces your vision. Take care when passing them as well; if you must pass, do so safely.

Be more alert when driving in wet or slippery conditions. Watch out for brake lights in front of you.

Turn your headlights on even in a light rain, or in gloomy, foggy or overcast conditions. Not only do they help you see the road, but they'll help other drivers see you. If your car has daytime running lights you still should put them on, so vehicles behind you can see you better.

Before it starts to rain, replace old or brittle wipers.

At night rainy roads become especially treacherous. The glare of oncoming lights, amplified by the rain on your windscreen, can cause temporary loss of visibility while substantially increasing driver fatigue. In rainy conditions pedestrians, bicyclists, livestock, and wildlife are extremely hard to spot and even harder to avoid.

Deep puddles can be tempting to drive through. However deep water can cause serious damage to a car's electrical system.

In summary, just slow down in rainy weather!  This should be obvious but it also very important. People are so used to driving certain speeds on certain roads that sometimes they forget the need to slow down when inclement weather presents itself.

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