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Faculty Safari Information Sessions

Valued Faculty-

Faculty Safari Information Sessions are offered on an individual basis either in person or online through Blackboard Collaborate.

If you find yourself asking questions such as these:

• Where can I find…?
• How do I advise someone who isn’t my advisee?
• How do I release a Service Indicator?
• How do I print…?
• How do I change my term default?

…please consider requesting a personalized Faculty Safari Information Session.

This session can be requested by filling out and submitting the class registration form located at the following address:

Since your Faculty Safari account is automatically set up after your Faculty Novell Netware account is created, there is no need to fill out a Safari Access Form prior to training UNLESS the access you are requesting is beyond the regular access given (i.e. If you are a department chair, etc.) to the majority of faculty members.

**Please note that, if your department has not requested a Faculty Novell Netware account for you, your Faculty Safari account will not be created.**

Links to all sections of the Safari Faculty Guide may be found in the left-most column of the following web page:

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