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Escape! At the Museum: A Mystery Escape Room With A Monstrous Twist

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“Mystery escape room with a monstrous twist!


You went to a talk at CWU’s Museum of Culture and Environment about a creature new to science, a presentation meant to reveal shocking information, but something went horribly wrong! Now you’re trapped in Dean Hall with a monster, and you’ll have work together, solve puzzles, and explore the museum if you want to escape. Will you find out what the Professor knew? Will you unravel the monster’s secrets? Will you even get out alive?

Join us for any of our three nights of puzzling to find out!”


Ever wanted to be a video-game character, to solve puzzles and unlock clues to a mystery? With escape rooms, you can do that in real life. An escape room is a room where players have to solve puzzles to find the clues and tools to escape the room, usually in a limited amount of time. This event is based on an escape room, but instead of just one room, players will have to escape from the first floor of Dean Hall.

The escape event will be run 3 times, with the same plot, and each run can have up to 20 players. Runs will be on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th. On the 2nd and 3rd, the event will run from 5pm to about 8pm. On the 4th, the event will run from 3pm to about 6pm.
Spots can be reserved by emailing Megan Courter at, and admission is $10. You can also register during open hours at the front desk of the MCE. 

This event is being sponsored by the Museum of Culture and Environment, with acting help from Hot New Jam, CWU’s Improv troupe.

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