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CWU Surplus Sale #12-16

To All Depts,

The CWU Surplus Warehouse will be conducting a public surplus sale beginning Thursday, November 8th thru 10th. This is a DON'T MISS SALE AS WE HAVE MANY MANY BARGAINS AVAILABLE TO ALL!!! Fixed Price Specials: Flat Panel Monitors-$15.00, Weight Stands-$10.00, Folding Tables-$10.00, Fire Extinguishers-$10.00, Paint-5 Gal Buckets-$10.00, Computer Spkrs-$5.00, Basketball Rims-$5.00, Sports Balls-$5.00, Coats-$5.00, Microwaves-$5.00, Desk/Storage Cabs-$2.00, Film Screens-$2.00, Paint-1 Gal Pails-$2.00, TV's-$2.00, Hats/Gloves/Shoes/Umbrellas-$1.00, Office Supplies-.50cents, Clothes-.25cents.Sale times for both Thursday & Friday are from 10AM-4PM. Other time slots along with a flyer containing merchandise in this DON"T MISS SALE will be noted via our homepage. You may access our homepage via: Sorry, NO EARLY PREVIEWS.

Dave Moffatt

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