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CWU Computer Science Professor invited by the prestigious Paris University, France

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During June 2017, two Associate Professors from Paris University (Nicoleta Rogovschi and Nistor Grozavu) were invited by the CS Department for research collaborations and they have spent several weeks in Ellensburg.


To continue this collaboration, Professor Razvan Andonie was invited as Visiting Professor and Guest Speaker by Paris 13 University (Computer Science Laboratory, Galilée Institute). He will spend several weeks in Paris during summer 2018, lecturing and doing research. Dr. Andonie will also present the CWU Computational Science Master’s Program. This invitation is an evidence of the international visibility of the CWU CS Department and the impact of Dr. Andonie’s significant research results in machine learning, deep learning, computational intelligence, big data analytics, and cybersecurity.


Paris 13 University has a lot of impressive history, as it was one of the 13 universities that were created after the reorganization of the old Sorbonne after 1968. With 24,000 students, Paris 13 University is a top academic institution in Paris. It awards around 110 doctorates each year. The Institut Scientifique et Polytechnique Galilée, usually known as the Galilée Institute, is an internal institute of Paris 13 University and is committed to training and research in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computing. The Computer Science Laboratory has the status of mixed research unit, with focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimizations, and algorithms.





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