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Convocation 2014

Fall 2014 Convocation

Convocation at Central Washington University is a formal induction ceremony of the first year class and any new students (transfer) each fall quarter into the academic community of CWU. Just as the graduation commencement serves as a ritual marking the completion of study; convocation is a ritual to signal the beginning of a college career. The University President and/or Provost presides over this event and leads students in the reciting  the CWU Student Oath. A CWU coin is ceremonially given to each student from a faculty member as CWU formally welcomes new students to the academy.

Event Date: September 23, 2014 at 11 am (students seated by 10:50 am)
Location:  Nicholson Pavilion

First Year Students are required to attend:
New Student Convocation is an intentionally symbolic experience designed to focus attention on academic excellence, integrity, and achievement. It is also hoped that this convocation will elicit a sense of shared community, pride, and institutional tradition. Students are to wear CWU gear and/or CWU colors only (crimson, black, white).

First Year Students Wildcat Welcome Weekend (W3)

University Convocation falls into the category of ritual known as “rite of passage” marking the transition of an individual or an institution into a new stage of life. A rite of passage is shared by everyone involved and is often a common experience that is fondly remembered. Convocation marks the induction of each new student in Central Washington University’s academic culture and community. It also marks the transformation of our university, because after each class completes the convocation ceremony, the university will be forever changed by our new students.

The regalia worn by Convocation participants is a colorful relic dating back to the Middle Ages when education was a function of religious organizations. Participants with doctoral degrees wear the traditional black gown with full, round sleeves, velvet facings on the front, and velvet bars on the sleeves. Hoods are lined with the color of the university granting the degree. The doctoral hood is distinguished by its trim which signifies the academic discipline by which the degree was earned.  Participants with master’s degrees also wear the traditional black gown, with full-length square sleeves that have a crescent-shaped piece hanging from each sleeve. The master’s hoods are also lined and are trimmed with the color of the degree earned.



Faculty Involvement:
Please contact Dean Swager at 963-1515 EatonP@

CWU Staff Volunteers Welcome and Needed:
Please contact  if you are interested and able to assist with this event. Run through is scheduled from 2-4pm on Monday, Sept 22 and event from 9:30am-12:30pm on Tuesday, September 23 at Nicholson Pavilion. Please contact us if you are able and interested in being a part of this amazing tradition.

Tuesdays Celebration:
Bite of the Burg: Just walking distance from campus, Downtown Ellensburg welcomes CWU students at the start of each fall quarter. Stroll through downtown Ellensburg, sample local fare, and learn about the wonderful services and products available in Ellensburg.
2:00 PM - 5:00 pm   Downtown Ellensburg

Community Meeting: Meet with your RA to discuss and follow up on the roommate agreement, Community Living Agreements, First Six Weeks Program, and other important information.
8:00 PM - 9:00 pm    In Your Residence Hall


Questions contact

Lead by:
Dr. Sarah Swager: Dean of Student Success
Jenna Hyatt: Director of Residence Life & New Student Programs
Bob Ford: Director of Campus Life


CWU is an AA/EEO/Title IX Institution For accommodation:

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