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Dear Students & Staff:

There are many benefits to learning about foreign cultures and teaching others about yours!  The best way to teach English and American Culture is through "face-to-face" contact.

The UESL Program (University English as a Second Language Program), matches American students with international students from around the world!

American and international students are matched according to shared interests and preferences.  The time commitment is very small...1-2 hours per week. (And it will look GREAT on resumes!)

When and where students meet, as well as the activities they pursue are determined by the students.   Typical activities include: conversation over coffee, studying, sports, cooking, cultural differences etc.

If any of you are interested, you may pick up a Conversation Partner Form at our office:  International Center, Room 168, or you may request to have one sent to you by emailing me or our UESL office staff.

Jamey Pitts:
Margaret Jensen:
Jeanette Genson:

Thank you!!
Jamey Pitts, UESL Instructor


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