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Consensual Relations & Nepotism Policies

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Notice to CWU Employees:

Available for review (, starting at page 168) are a proposed CWU Consensual Relations Policy (CWUP 2-40-070) and Nepotism Policy (CWUP 2-40-260).  These policies would replace the existing CWU Conflict in Relationships Policy and Procedures (CWUP 2.40.070 and CWUR 1-30-080). 

The proposed Consensual Relations Policy prohibits consensual romantic or sexual relationships (1) between employees and students and (2) between employees and persons with respect to whom the employees are in a position of supervisory or professional responsibility.  The Nepotism Policy prevents employees from (1) serving in a position of supervisory or professional responsibility with respect to a family member, (2) participating in institutional decisions in which a family member has a direct beneficial, financial, or professional interest, and (3) using their positions to secure special privileges or exemptions for themselves or for a family member.  

These proposed policies are tentatively scheduled for review by UPAC on February 21 with an anticipated effective date of April 1.  Please contact Staci Sleigh-Layman, 509-963-1256, or Linda Schactler, 509-963-2111, if you have any comments on the proposed policies or would like to discuss them further.





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