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Combined Fund Drive and Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

CWU's annual Combined Fund Drive (CFD) campaign is underway and will continue until Thanksgiving.  CFD allows CWU staff and faculty to donate to any of THOUSANDS of charitable organizations via check or convenient and (relatively) painless payroll deduction.

In addition to on-going charitable activities to which you may donate, CFD has established a special event to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. From now until November 23rd, CWU staff and faculty may donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Campaign; proceeds will be split evenly among the participating charities. In order to facilitate rapid disbursement of badly-needed funds, the campaign is being run through one-time donations using the secure, on-line credit card processing tool.  (

Please look at the above web site to learn more about (and donate to) the Hurricane Sandy relief fund, find out about THOUSANDS of other charitable agencies to which you may donate, or create an on-line account so you can track your own charitable giving.

If you have any questions about the Combined Fund Drive or wish to make a donation by writing a check, please contact one of the CFD committee members: Karla Shugart (963-2270), Ken Baxter (963-1149), or Rob Lowery (963-1487).


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