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Central Today 3.0 Coming Soon to a Device Near You


Central Today 3.0 will arrive at your desktop or mobile device on Monday, August 12. The new version will organize campus information into three sections instead of a single long list. In addition to a daily news feed, events and information will be sorted into three sections: events of the day, those that are upcoming, and a "Campus FYI" sectionthat offers information about deadlines, closures, and other "business" functions.   

The new and improved Central Today also will feature a section linking readers to community events. Ellensburg tourism director Amy McGuffin will update this section. "Centralights" is a new feature that celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of employees and students.

“Public Affairs staff has been taking feedback from readers and developing Central Today 3.0 for several months," said Linda Schactler, CWU Public Affairs executive director. "Central Today is the university's primary daily news vehicle, so we want it to be easy for readers to find accurate and topical information that they want and need.”

The updated news feed will no longer include day-to-day department services, which are more appropriately offered on departments' websites.

Even as the new version is unveiled, Centrsal Today 4.0 is on the drawing board and under development for release summer of 2014.

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