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Cascadia Hazards Institute's April Conference Proceedings available online

On April 4th, 2014, the Cascadia Hazards Institute held a conference titled Seismic Hazards & the Built Environment.

The format for the conference included a keynote address by Dr. Mary Lou Zoback delivered the keynote address, Reducing Natural Hazards Risk and Increasing Resilience, followed by three panels comprised of CWU faculty experts and a CWU faculty member as moderator. Bringing together Central Washington University faculty with expertise in the intersection of seismic hazards and their potential to cause disruption or harm to the built environment, the Cascadia Hazards Institute showcased current research and knowledge sharing via three topical panels: Seismic Hazards Prediction, Adaptation and Resilience; Seismic Hazards and Decision-Making; and Education and Societal Response to Seismic Hazards.

Conference Proceedings are now available at


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