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Campus Notices

Campus-Wide Fire Inspections

In coordination with the office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and the Facilities Management Department, the Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Marshal will be conducting comprehensive fire inspections throughout all academic and administrative buildings during the month of December.  The inspections will evaluate all areas of the buildings, including public areas, classrooms, offices, storage areas, laboratories, shops, mechanical and custodial rooms, etc. 

The Fire Marshal is especially concerned with the following issues:
  •   Proper entrances and exits – building entrances and exits/hallways must be clear and unobstructed.
  •   Proper hazardous material storage and handling.
  •   Proper use of extension cords, power bars/surge protectors, etc.  No overloading of outlets.  Extension cords cannot be used as permanent wiring. 
  •   No blocking or otherwise preventing the proper function of fire doors.
  •   Proper storage distances of materials allowing unrestricted access to electrical panels, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms.
  •   All electrical devices must be UL listed and in good repair.
  •   High wattage appliances (coffeemakers, hot plates, microwaves, etc.) must be plugged directly into a wall outlet – not into a surge protector/power bar or extension cord.
  •   Proper storage around fire sprinkler heads – materials must be at least 18 inches below the sprinkler heads.

Please call EH&S at 2252, 2253 or 2338 if there are questions.

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