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Battery Recycling

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Batteries are used for a wide range of purposes throughout the campus (scientific and industrial instruments, laptops, cordless tools, vehicles, emergency lighting, back-up power supplies, mp3 players, cameras, cell phones, etc.).  As a component of the campus hazardous material management program, the Environmental Health and Safety office (EHS) coordinates a process of battery recycling.  Most batteries (especially rechargeable batteries) contain a variety of hazardous materials which must be disposed of/recycled appropriately and not sent to the landfill.  All batteries collected from the campus are recycled responsibly per Department of Ecology and EPA standards.  Virtually all types of batteries (lead-acid, sealed lead, gel cell, button cell, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, alkaline, zinc-carbon, Ni-Zn, lithium, etc.) are accepted.  It is recommended that spent automotive/motorcycle battery cores be returned to the retailer when purchasing a new battery.  Excluding returned cores, CWU recycles over 3000 pounds of batteries per year.

A number of campus locations have been designated as drop-off points with labeled receptacles for batteries (SURC information booth, Library Fishbowl, Science Building lobby). 

Departments may also accumulate batteries at their location and contact EHS at 2252 or 2338 to arrange for a pick-up when needed.  Feel free to contact EHS with questions.





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