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Attn: All Departments Who Hire Student Employee's

As we announced last week, the cApps Group Hire functionality
was put on hold and will be released at a later time.

In the meantime, we are excited to roll out an easy, paperless process
for you to use to hire student employees!

1.     You can find the "Upload Spreadsheet" under Employer Resources > Forms on the Student Employment Website.  Fill out the spreadsheet with your
student data.  You’ll need one for regular students and one for
work-study students.  You can use the copy/paste function to fill in
fields that are duplicates.  The first row on the enclosed spreadsheet
in an example so please delete that row before you submit.

2.     Email the completed form for regular students to HR at for entry.

3.     Email the completed form for work study students to Financial
Aid at ( .  Financial Aid will verify the work student eligibility and amounts and forward to HR for entry.

To see step by step instructions on how to hire a student, please
visit the Student Employment website under Employer Resources.

After 9/1/13 we will no longer accept paper SPAFs.  If you have
already submitted a SPAF for fall you do not need to submit anything further
for them.

I will be leading the effort to provide you support.  Group trainings
will be set up to go over the process during the first part of
September.   I am also available to meet with you individually if that
works better.

I am your main student employment contact.  However, I will be on
vacation until August 28th, so until I return, please feel free to

Denise Margheim, 963-1280
Jennifer Ford at 963-1253
Jamie Thomas at 963-1205.

Thank you,

Kathy Johnson

Have a fantastic day! 

Kathy Johnson
HR Consultant
Central Washington University
Human Resources - Mail Stop 7425
Bouillon Hall, Room 140
400 E University Ave.
Ellensburg, WA 98926

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