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2012 Payroll W-2's in Self Service

Your official 2012 CWU W-2 will be mailed as of Monday, January 28th.  These may take a few days to arrive.  Please let us know if you have not received it by February 8th and need a reprint.  You may also access your W-2 through self service.  If you have questions about accessing your account via self service, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 963-2001.


FYI~ As part of the federal Affordable Care Act, W-2s for the 2012 tax year must include the cost of employer sponsored health care insurance.  For many of you, the number reported on your W-2 (box 12 using code “DD”) will be different than what you’ve seen on your monthly earnings statements during the year. If you see a difference, here’s why:

       *Your monthly earnings statements reflect an amount which is set in legislation and is an averaged number charged to your employer for each employee.  It is not a number that is individualized for you personally.  

       *Your W-2 is individualized for you personally and will reflect a specific amount that was paid for your coverage to the plan in which you (and your family) are enrolled.  This is the number that the IRS wants reported for you.


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