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Campus Life



  • Keith Champagne: Associate Dean, Student Development - Student Success
  • Paula Moffatt: Secretary Supervisor/Notary Public

Campus Activities

  • Scott Drummond: Associate Director, Campus Life/Director, Campus Activities

Campus Radio-KCWU 88.1 The Burg

  • Jeff MacMillan: Interim General Manager
  • Nikki Marra: Radio Program Director
  • Nicholas Elliott: Chief Engineer
  • Donald Davis: Broadcast IT Specialist III

Maintenance and Custodial

  • Otto Bach: Building and Grounds Supervisor

Student Union

  • James Ellinger: Maintenance Custodian
  • Vacant: Custodian/Window Washer
  • Vacant: Lead Custodian
  • Gail Barton: Custodian
  • Vacant: Custodian
  • Justin Daniel: Custodian

Recreation Center

  • Teresa Breckenridge: Lead Custodian
  • Luz Barajas: Custodian
  • Zoe Katocs: Custodian

Publicity Center

  • Lola Gallagher: Marketing and Communications
  • Sarah Berry: Content and Event Marketing Supervisor
  • Justin Beckman: Senior Graphic Designer
  • Ricki Towner: Project Coordinator

Student Union

  • Cherie Wilson: Director, Student Union 
  • Robbi Goninan: Assistant Director, Student Union
  • Stacey Ferris: Scheduling Coordinator
  • Bonnie Hendrickson: Scheduling Coordinator
  • Brian "BK" Koehler: Building and Events Manager
  • Drew Carter: Event Support Services Supervisor

University Recreation

  • Director: Rusty Vineyard
  • Dania Cochran: Assistant Director, Programs
  • Michael Montgomery: Assistant Director, Operations
  • Corey Sinclair: Assistant Director, Competitive Sports and Camps
  • Kim Graham-Roseburg: Secretary Senior
  • Allyson Fogle: Office Assistant
  • Bradley Gawasaki - Coordinator, Outdoor Programs
  • Melissa Robertson: Coordinator, Climbing & Challenge Programs 
  • Jordan Stinglen: Coordinator, Intramural and Special Events 
  • Vacant: Head Athletic Trainer / Sports Medicine
  • Vacant: Coordinator, Health Programs and Memberships

Westside Student Life

  • Olga Mezgova: Interim Associate Director
  • Vacant: Student Life Resource Manager

SURC and Club Accounting

All Campus Life areas work very closely with the student funds accounting office, located in the same office suite with Campus Life Administration

  • Andy Sullivan: Student Funds Manager
  • Vickie Dicken: Fiscal Tech Supervisor
  • Vacant: Fiscal Specialist I
  • Denee Scribner: Fiscal Tech III


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