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College of Business

Trey Justin

Trey Justin is a Senior here at CWU, and is double-majoring in Managerial Economics and Finance. He choose to major in Managerial Economics because the subject encompassed a vast amount of information and gave him a better global economic perspective. Trey also chose to major in Finance because of the prosperous job opportunities that it provides. Throughout his time at Central, Trey got very involved on campus. He is the President of Investments Club, and the Parliamentarian of the Services and Activities Fess Committee. In addition, due to the generosity of the College of Business, Trey was able to fulfill a long-term dream of his and attend the GAME Forum in New York City.

Trey states that he is immensely grateful for Dr. Tenerelli and for all of the help that he has given Investments Club, and says that he is an instrumental part of the club’s success. In addition, he would like to thank Dr. Young and Dr. Hedrick for both challenging him in their classes and helping him succeed.

With graduation quickly approaching, Trey is looking back on his experience at CWU and would like to give current students the following piece of advice:

“Plan ahead. If there are skills that you want to gain before graduation, put in the effort and make it happen. Also, I encourage every student to do at least one internship before they graduate. I interned at Olympia Credit Union last summer, and it gave me valuable, real-world experience.”

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