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College of Business

Third Year & Beyond

Students in their third year and beyond should be working closely with their faculty and professional advisors in accordance with their major and specialization to establish a solid academic plan for timely graduation.


Requirements for each Major and Specialization

Tentative Schedule of Courses

Tools and Instructions for Creating your Academic Plan


Applying for Graduation

At approximately 6 months before graduation, students will need to apply. Students must apply for graduation at the beginning (by the second Friday at 5:00pm) of the quarter prior to the quarter they are graduating. For example, a student graduating in spring must apply for graduation at the beginning of winter quarter. Students can apply for graduation in MyCWU.

CWU Graduation Requirements

Online Graduation Application Instructions

For more information on graduation, visit the CWU registrar's webpage.



Graduating students during Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer of the current academic year or summer of the previous academic year are eligible to walk at the commencement ceremony in June. Students who would like to walk at commencement will need to register for commencement in addition to applying for graduation. Registration for commencement is typically open for 2.5 weeks during the last week of classes of winter quarter.

Register for Commencement

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