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College of Business

Student Spotlight: Miya Mukai

Miya Mukai, Junior, Makerting Major 

Her Campus, Women's Soccer Club, Department of World Languages 

Miya Mukai, is a junior here at the CWU College of Business; she is majoring in marketing and minoring in Spanish. Miya plans to pursue a career in marketing, because it incorporates numbers and creativity. After college, she wants to be a marketing manager for a fashion or media company in California.

Miya is the President of the CWU Women’s Club Soccer Team, The Social Media and Marketing Intern at CWU Department of World Languages and she will be the Marketing and PR Director at Her Campus CWU, fall 2018. She believes it is important to be involved on campus because it allows you to make valuable connections with likeminded individuals. Showing interest in organization and gaining experience while in college is a great resume builder.

“Working hard now will pay off later. When I do something, I never want it to be mediocre. My attention to detail, I believe is what makes my work stand out.”

Miya will be working at Nordstrom in a Retail Management Internship position this summer. She will be interning at an LA store where she will be increasing her experience in sales and higher level management. She hopes to gain a lot of experience and make more connections during her time in LA. Clearly, Miya’s hard work is paying off; we cannot wait to see where her work ethic will take her next!

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