College of Business

Special Events : 2009 Honors Banquet

Keynote Speaker

Advisory Board Faculty Excellence Awards

  • Teaching: Ron Tidd, Accounting
  • Advising: Jennifer Anderson, Management
  • Professional Service: Gary Heesacker, Accounting
  • Research: James Avey & Graeme Coetzer, Management

Outstanding Student Award Recipients

  • John K. Spevak Jr., Accounting Student, Ellensburg
  • Kelly M. Cramer, Accounting Student, Des Moines
  • James G. Barrett, Accounting Student, Lynnwood
  • Linh Ha, Master of Professional Accountancy Student, Lynnwood
  • Erik Campbell, Business Administration Student, Des Moines
  • Rachelle V. Baldwin, Business Administration Student, Lynnwood
  • Craig J. Johnson, Business Administration Student, Lynnwood
  • Rebecca L. Tunkara, Business Administration Student, Lynnwood
  • Max M. St. Brown, Economics Student, Ellensburg
  • John L. Hagler, Finance Student, Ellensburg
  • Lauren A. Bair, Human Resource Management Student, Ellensburg
  • Renee M. Rollins, Management and Organization Student, Ellensburg
  • Susanna P. Sundborg, Marketing Management Student, Ellensburg
  • Robert G. Jepson, Operations & Supply Chain Mgt. Student, Ellensburg

Outstanding Interns of the Year

  • Brent Weisel, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Stephanie Vong, Business Administration, Lynnwood

College of Business Scholarship Recipients


  • Kristina Cram, Ellensburg


  • Inna Germanyuk, Lynnwood
  • Thomas Orr, Ellensburg
  • Jessica Simons, Ellensburg
  • Joseph Zeiger, Ellensburg

Boeing Minority

  • Jane Diaz, Ellensburg
  • Thomas Phan, Lynnwood

Boeing Supply Chain Management

  • Ashley Chess, Ellensburg
  • Alek Krallman, Ellensburg

Christophersen, Downing, Sammer, & Stedman Endowment

  • Monique Frankhauser, Ellensburg


  • Jessica Allison, Ellensburg
  • Rebecca Andersen, Ellensburg
  • Jon Clift, Ellensburg
  • Jane Diaz, Ellensburg
  • Erika Estrada-Ramirez, Ellensburg
  • Zi Qiang Jian, Ellensburg
  • Kimberly Lettic, Lynnwood
  • Ivonne Mora-Villanueva, Ellensburg
  • Long Nguyen, Lynnwood
  • Thomas Phan, Lynnwood
  • Susan Robinson, Ellensburg
  • Curtis Rodgers, Ellensburg
  • Whitney Stephens, Ellensburg
  • Joseph Zeiger, Ellensburg

Danton Endowment

  • Thomas Orr, Ellensburg

Harold S. Williams Endowment

  • Richard McKinney, Ellensburg
  • Joel Stamm, Ellensburg

Kuolt Fellows

  • Erika Estrada-Ramirez, Ellensburg
  • Zi Qiang Jian, Ellensburg

North Coast Electric Company

  • Monique Frankhauser, Ellensburg

Ryan Patrick Dacy Memorial Endowment

  • Kristina Cram, Ellensburg


  • Susan Robinson, Ellensburg

Accounting Department Scholarship Recipients

  • Zi Qiang Jian, Ellensburg
  • Thomas Orr, Ellensburg
  • Thomas Phan, Lynnwood
  • Susan Robinson, Ellensburg
  • Whitney Stephens, Ellensburg

RSM McGladrey Endowment

  • Erika Estrada-Ramirez, Ellensburg
  • Jessica Simons, Ellensburg

Stephanie Frederick Endowment

  • Kimberly Lettic, Lynnwood

Strader Hallett and Co., P.S.

  • Long Nguyen, Lynnwood


  • Rebecca Andersen, Ellensburg
  • Erika Estrada-Ramirez, Ellensburg
  • Whitney Stephens, Ellensburg

College of Business Top Scholars

Top CB Scholars are those students who graduated in the top 10% of all College of Business graduates in the current academic year, from Summer 2008 through Spring 2009. Cumulative grade point averages in the group are 3.648 and above.

  • Hang Chuen Kong, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Joseph Duncan, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Max St. Brown, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Kelly Cramer, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Myoung Rae Yeom, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Jeffrey Peterson, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Amanda Rice, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Charles Costello, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • James Barrett, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • John Elsberry, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Rong Yan, Acct. & Bus. Admin., Des Moines
  • Joel Shearer, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Catherine Robin, Accounting, Des Moines
  • John Hagler, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Katherine Carothers, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Tina Boynton, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Justin Timothy, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • David Barthel, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Chelsea Price, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Sara Simmons, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Yuki Matsui, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Donald Bullard, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Julie Upton, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Michael Tonge, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Vera Plokhova, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Shanna Barnhart, Acct. & Bus. Admin., Ellensburg
  • Anna-Rita Pellegrino, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Kristin Mack, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Brandon Bayne, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Omar Surkatty, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Rachelle Baldwin, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Aleece Thibeault, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Courtney Kirkpatrick, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Nicholas Loveless, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Jessica Redifer, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Erin Bell, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Tsai-yuan Wen, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Nathan Moore, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Yevgeniy Glotov, Acct. & Bus. Admin., Ellensburg
  • Peggimae Ferris, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Krista Johnson, Acct. & Bus. Admin., Ellensburg
  • Brian Gardner, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Nathan Collyer, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Susanna Sundborg, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Phung Le, Acct. & Bus. Admin., Des Moines
  • Jodi Sanborn, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Paul Webber, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Julie Davis, Business Administration, Des Moines
  • Tracy Steenerson, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Satoshi Kawai, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Lea Schoenfelder, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Janna Van Burkleo, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Erik Campbell, Business Administration, Des Moines

Special Recognitions--Advancing the Dream Award

  • Bill M. Reed , Accounting, Everett Community College

Many Thanks to the Following Supporters of the College of Business:


  • The Boeing Company


  • John and Linda Dacy
  • Roy and Alana Savoian
  • Laura M. Milner


  • Jennifer Anderson
  • James and Christy Avey
  • Becker Professional Review (Robbie Dahl Sullivan)
  • Dusty Brady
  • Carol and Jeff Faltus
  • Craig and Nancy Graber Pigeon
  • Anita and Eldon Johnson
  • James and Kerry Nimnicht
  • Jeff and Phyllis Nomura
  • Lynn and Joyce Richmond
  • Ron Tidd
  • Laura and Gene Wilson
  • Michael and Cheryl-Lynn Young

Deans Scholarship Contributors

  • Sharon Damm
  • Julie Davis
  • Paul Lunkes
  • Mark Pritchard
  • Rhonda and Mark Schmidt
  • Carol Smoots