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College of Business

Special Events : 2008 Honors Banquet

Keynote Speaker

  • Karen Jones, Director of Program Management for Boeing Fabrication

Advisory Board Faculty Excellence Awards

  • Teaching: John Lasik, Accounting
  • Advising: Linda Larson, Accounting
  • Professional Service: Ron Tidd, Accounting
  • Research: James Avey, Management

Outstanding Student Award Recipients

  • Briana Herrington, Masters of Professional Accountancy, Ellensburg
  • Whitney Felder, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Heidi Fosse, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Don Bullard, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Pamela Kane, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Penny Schwab, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Dana Lashbaugh, Business Administration, Des Moines
  • Julie Davis, Business Administration, Des Moines
  • Sara Simmons, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Charlie Costello, Finance, Ellensburg
  • Mike Mitchusson, Human Resource Management, Ellensburg
  • Allison Reed, Management, Ellensburg
  • Suzanne Dantzler, Marketing, Ellensburg
  • Krista Johnson, Operations and Supply Chain, Ellensburg

Outstanding Interns of the Year

  • Allison Zertuche, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • So Phourng Chen, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Angela Park, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Carla Camacho, Accounting, Des Moines

College of Business Scholarship Recipients

Cynthia Pearson Scholarship

  • Hang Chuen Kong Ellensburg

Bi-Mart Scholarship

  • Daniel Sweeney, Ellensburg
  • Brandon Wallach, Des Moines

Boeing Company

  • Charlie Costello, Ellensburg

Boeing Minority Student

  • Patrick Chen, Lynnwood
  • Hivan Djoko, Ellensburg

Boeing Supply Chain Management & GESA Credit Union

  • Rong (Lucy) Yan, Des Moines

Business Administration Faculty Scholarship

  • Rong (Lucy) Yan, Des Moines

Degel Family Scholarship

  • Shane Anderson, Wenatchee
  • Daniel Gaona, Lynnwood

Danton Scholarship

  • Eric Ebbers, Ellensburg
  • Tory Keikhaefer, Ellensburg

GESA Credit Union

  • Katie Hughey, Ellensburg

Ryan Patrick Dacy Memorial

  • Thomas Orr, Ellensburg
  • Lindsey Turcott, Ellensburg

Costco Scholarship

  • Tina Boynton, Wenatchee
  • Katherine Carothers, Ellensburg
  • Berenice Flores, Ellensburg
  • Daniel Gaona, Lynnwood
  • John Hagler, Ellensburg
  • Mikey Hanks, Ellensburg
  • Hang Chuen Kong, Ellensburg
  • Nickolas Ricketts, Ellensburg
  • Aleece Thibeault, Ellensburg
  • Joseph Zeiger, Ellensburg

Harold S. Williams

  • Hang Chuen Kong, Ellensburg

Jeld Wen

  • Susanna Sundborg, Ellensburg

North Coast Electric

  • Rong (Lucy) Yan , Des Moines

Stephanie Frederick Scholarship

  • Shane Anderson, Wenatchee


  • Adam Alldredge, Ellensburg
  • Jessica Redifer, Ellensburg

WALPA Scholarship

  • Bernard Boakye-Ansah, Lynnwood
  • Patrick Chen, Lynnwood
  • Daniel Gaona, Lynnwood
  • Carol Gijima, Des Moines
  • Nam Huong Thi Vu, Lynnwood
  • Rong (Lucy) Yan, Des Moines

Accounting Department Scholarship Recipients

  • Eric Ebbers, Ellensburg
  • Berenice Flores, Ellensburg
  • Thomas Orr, Ellensburg
  • Michael Tonge, Ellensburg
  • Amanda Rice, Ellensburg

College of Business Top Scholars

  • Suzanne Dantzler, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Allison Reed, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Janet Robertson, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Dulce Diaz, Business Administration, Des Moines
  • Rachel Sites, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Kristal Schwartze, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Jessie Beyer, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Kirk Vining, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Heidi Fosse, Accounting/Bus Admin, Lynnwood
  • Sanna Estes, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Linh Ha, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Gursharnjit Singh, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Rebecca Vick, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Shan Lin Otto, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Minh Ta, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Yan Backlund, Accounting/Bus Admin, Des Moines
  • David Brown, Economics, Ellensburg
  • Chon Man Lok, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Jennifer Cleveland, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Alexandria Graham, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Pamela Kane, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Andrea Skjonsby, Business Administration, Des Moines
  • Charles West, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Ravae Rossmaier, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Lainie Bielau, Accounting/Bus Admin, Lynnwood
  • Vadim Pristupa, Accounting/Bus Admin, Lynnwood
  • Penny Schwab, Business Administration, Lynnwood
  • Phyllis Meyer, Accounting, Wenatchee
  • Laura Gendlek, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Virginia Boggs, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Randy Brazile, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Danice Feller, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Allison Zertuche, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Kristen Adamson, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Lisa Jones, Business Administration, Yakima
  • Jenny Jensen, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Amanda Shear, Business Admin/Econ, Ellensburg
  • Grant Sjostrom, Accounting/Bus Admin, Lynnwood
  • Kevin Brandt, Business Administration, Yakima
  • Eu Kim, Accounting/Bus Admin, Des Moines
  • Sara Centanni, Accounting/Bus Admin, Lynnwood
  • Jennifer Newland, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Jamie Cordell, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Tyler Munson, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Sarah Mager, Accounting, Lynnwood
  • Igor Antonchuk, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Erica Markley, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Abigail Stone, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Debra Prior, Accounting, Des Moines
  • Nicole Romine, Accounting, Ellensburg
  • Priscilla Minteer, Business Administration, Ellensburg
  • Ryuji Roppyakuda, Business Administration, Ellensburg

Special Recognitions--Advancing the Dream Award (click here for more information)

  • Carol Schneider, Business, Yakima Valley Community College

Many Thanks to the Following Supporters of the College of Business:


  • The Boeing Company


  • Roy and Alana Savoian
  • Laura M. Milner


  • Becker Conviser (Robbie Dahl Sullivan)
  • J.J. Collins
  • Bill and Janice Ebbers
  • Craig and Nancy Graber Pigeon
  • Eldon Johnson
  • John and Karen Lasik
  • Paul Lunkes
  • James and Kerry Nimnicht
  • Mark and Kathi Pritchard
  • Lynn and Joyce Richmond
  • Ron Tidd
  • Charlotte Tullos
  • Laura and Gene Wilson
  • Bill and Pris Woods