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College of Business

Sam Stewart

Outstanding Finance Student of the Year, Sam Stewart, recently graduated from CWU and will be starting at Fisher Investments as an investment account analyst in July. Sam is extremely excited to start his career at such a prestigious investment firm, and his job will require him to advise account managers to make investment decisions based on the client’s risk.

During Sam’s time here at Central, he got very involved on campus. During his freshman year, he was a member of the ROTC program, and says “ROTC trained myself and my fellow cadets to think critically, face adversity, have a strong sense of national pride, and to lead others from all walks of life. The lessons I learned from my time in the program will follow me in all parts of my life.”  Sam was also part of the CWU Swim team and competed in the mile and 200 relay, and served as a Student Ambassador for the College of Business from spring 2016 to winter 2017.

In addition to immersing himself in on campus activities, he built a strong relationship with his economics professor, Dr. Carbaugh. “Dr. Bob is one of the true altruistic professors at CWU. He prides himself on helping students develop a passion for economic theory and promoting their career aspirations. Dr. Bob was not only a great professor, but also someone all economics students could admire and confide in. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to know him and to have him in our college.”

In the upcoming years, Sam plans on staying with Fisher Investments and transitioning into a management role with the firm. Wherever his career may take him, he will apply the lessons that he learned here at CWU, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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