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College of Business

Research Grants Award Program

A research stipend of $2,000 per College of Business (CB) author, with a maximum of $4,000 per Category A paper, will be awarded upon presentation to the Dean of:

  • an unconditional acceptance letter;
  • a copy of the accepted manuscript; and,
  • a proposal (1-2 pages) for future research project(s).

Subject to the $2,000 per author restriction, the distribution of funds among CB co-authors will be determined by the lead author. The author/coauthor may receive a maximum of two (2) research stipends in a given year. In the event that the total research grant money is exhausted prior to funding approved research-stipend applications, the unfunded applications will be given funding priority in the order received when moneys become available. The Research Grants Award Program will be subject to a continuous improvement process as represented by an annual review of the program.

Adopted by the CB Executive Committee: October 2, 2002 
(supercedes the Policy adopted: June 19, 2002) 
Adopted by the CB Faculty: October 21, 2002

Proposed Research Project Summary Standard Template

Preliminary Title: 

  1. Problem-Issue-Topic 
    Briefly explain the main problem, issue, or topic that is to be addressed in this independent study.
  2. Importance of Project
    Briefly explain why this problem, issue, or topic is important and relevant to your course of study in this program.
  3. Possible Research Approach or Methodology
    Explain your plan for addressing the problem, issue, or topic.
  4. Output and Potential Outcomes and the Importance of Each
    Describe the output that you will deliver for assessment purposes. Also list the potential outcomes of your project and the importance of each.

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